Extend Your Wardrobe – Wear One Romper Four Ways

Happy Friday!

The best investment pieces to own in your wardrobe are those that allow you to wear them in multiple ways. Not only does it extend the life and wearability of your wardrobe but your cost per wear will be pennies. Cost per wear (cost of item/days of wear) is a formula many images consultants use with their clients to help them look beyond the ticket price to determine the value of an item to be purchased. When you buy something that can be worn in a variety of ways you’ll increase the value of the item and decrease the cost per wear.

Today I’m showcasing a super cute, comfy, roomy, and stylish romper from Spoiled.com Boutique. It’s perfect for the summer and stylish enough to be dressed up or down. I’m sharing a few ways you can wear the Sivana romper, depending upon the occasion or your mood. I absolutely love the color and the breathable cotton is great for hot summer days. I’m wearing a size large (I usually wear an 18/20) so you can see it’s very roomy. I could literally wear this romper every day this summer…it’s that fabulous.




Everyday Wear

Denim Jacket // Romper c/o // Necklace // Earrings // Havaianas // Sunnies




Sunday Brunch

Jacket (similar) // Shoes // Sunnies // Necklace // Earrings // Ring // Clutch




Picnic in the Park

Fedora // Necklace // Earrings // Sandals 




Shopping With Your Girls

*Vest // Bag // Sunnies // Necklace // Earrings // Bracelets 1, 2, 3 // Rings 1, 2

* The vest is a scarf (watch this tutorial on how to do this). It’s a great way to extend your wardrobe and make use of your scarves all season long!


Before you add a new piece to your closet consider if it’s something that you’ll wear more than once and if it can be worn in multiple ways. Also think about how you can repurpose already existing pieces in your wardrobe like your scarves, skirts, and shirts.

Spoiled.com Boutique is an online boutique that specializes in unique one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing at very affordable prices. I love the variety of styles, selections, and sizes available ensuring that there’s truly something for everyone. Be sure to find them on  Facebook and Instagram.

Have a GREAT Weekend!

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School Days




Top: New Look // Pants: NYDJ


K&R Collection: Necklace // Cuff // Ring // Midi-Ring // Earrings


Shoes: Franco Sarto

Happy Thursday!

Today I’m channeling my inner school girl. Having spent my primary and secondary educational years in Catholic schools, I’m intimately familiar with school uniforms. Personally, I’m an advocate for uniforms for every school because I think it levels the playing field and keeps kids focused on their education, as opposed to what they or others are wearing.

This top was reminiscent of my school girl days so I continued the look with a top bun and kept my glasses on (yes I wear glasses). Ankle pants, cute flat sandals, and simply, but statement making, jewelry completes the look. Clean, comfortable, casual, and chic. From a style and fit perspective, the A-Line silhouette is perfect for a pear/triangle shape and the outfit overall has water and wood energy from a Fashion Feng Shui perspective. Black is one of the colors I can wear well, which is why I wear a lot of it, but the top does come in other colors that may suit your coloring better.

I was recently introduced to this online retailer New Look. Their prices are reasonable but delivery takes some time. I’d also order up a size in their clothing. Also, if you find the sisters (Poly and Ester) irritating to the skin, watch the descriptions because there’s a lot polyester pieces. New Look is a South African, global fashion retailer with a chain of UK high street shops. It was formerly British owned until May 2015 when the company was sold to a South African investment company.

Live, laugh, shine!

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Don’t Declutter Your Space Until You’ve Completed This Important Step


Dress: Kiyonna (old – similar) // Shoes: Style & Co. // Jewelry: Silpada // Scarves: Lane Bryant (similar) & Nordstrom (similar)

I spent the Memorial Day Weekend decluttering my garage.  Along with my husband, we spent four solid days filling a 12 x 8 foot storage POD with the primary purpose of getting our cars back in there. However, while we were at it, I suggested we continue on through our house and purge the unfathomable amount of stuff we had just lying around. Admittedly most of the stuff was mine and the work was exhausting but in the end, the reward of a clean and organized space was worth it. While we were working my husband asked me, “Why did you hang on to all of this stuff for so long?” An innocent enough question, but one that I could not stop asking myself, “Why did I hang on to all of that stuff.”

When I first started writing this post I was going to provide a few tips and ideas on how to de-clutter your space (having mastered the process this weekend), but instead I decided to share why I had all of the clutter in the first place. You see, I often go through these cycles of purge, clean, organize only to find myself right back in the same spot. After some self-reflection I noticed there are three things I usually do:

a. I watch things begin to pile up, usually after I’ve completed a project, and make a mental note that it needs to be cleaned up and/or organized, but instead I usually opt to do something else and simply move it to the side.

b. I  tend to be one of those “just in case” shoppers that will pick things up that I may not need immediately (or at all) but “just in case” a situation arises where the use for such an item is necessitated, I’ll be at the ready.

c. I hold on to things (articles, books, newsletters, etc.) “just in case” I may need to refer to them again later.

Despite each of these actions and the ideology behind them, what remained true was my feeling of freedom and joy when I’ve finally rid myself of all of the clutter and “just in case” remnants. A good sign, but I still never truly examined the why behind it all. After talking about this with a colleague it clicked. At a point in my childhood I went from living in plenty to living in want, and as a result I hold on to things to avoid that feeling. That’s my why.

When I was about 12 my parents divorced and we moved from a well-to-do suburb in the Bay Area of California to a not-so-great neighborhood in the city of Chicago. We moved from a house to an apartment, went from having cars to taking the bus, from washing our cloths at home to using a laundromat, and from having enough to having a few things. It was a shocking experience for me at the time but not an uncommon one for women and their children in the early 1970s that went from homemaker to breadwinner. I am by no means saddened by the experiences of my childhood because I believe it fueled me to achieve the many things I have in my life. I’m also grateful to my mother, who despite her surrounding circumstances, provided me with a wealth of life lessons I still apply to this day. Since then, however, I’ve over corrected by accumulating more than I need to avoid the feeling of “not having enough.”

For those of us who tend to create these cluttered spaces, understanding your why is the first and most important step to your decluttering process. Living in a cluttered space can not only impact your productivity but also your health. There’s even a book out now that explains how clutter can impact your weight.


You’ve heard the phrase, “physician heal thyself?” Or another common phrase, “those who can, do and those who can’t, teach?” Well finally the practitioner is equipped with the knowledge to practice what she preaches. Decluttering is the final step of a long process, not the beginning. I’ve helped several women declutter their closets and get down to a wardrobe that reflects their authentic self, but it always started with an understanding of how they got there. Without that understanding the purge, clean, organize cycle simply get’s reset and starts anew. This can be avoided by having a heart to heart and confronting some challenging issues in your life.

If you feel great and renewed after you’ve decluttered and rid yourself of items that are no longer serving you in your life, you’re on a good path and quite possibly have some understanding of your why. If, however, you don’t feel energized, miss your items, and find yourself immediately taking back or adding more after you’ve decluttered, then you may want to consider that you’ve not tapped into your why and skipped this all important step. Admittedly this is the hard part and takes some self-reflective work. But isn’t it better than the alternative?

Do you need a closet cleanse, detox, or declutter? Check out my website to schedule a free consultation. It’s a great step in the right direction.

Live, laugh, shine!

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Photo: Lydene Robertson | Makeup: GLAMBeauty bar

Shop Your Closet – 5 Tips on How to Make Everything Old New Again





IMG_8579   IMG_8582


Jumpsuit (old) / Flip Flops / Necklace 1, 2 / Earrings / Bracelets 1, 2, 3 / Rings 1, 2

Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all had a great 3-day weekend! I know for many it was a time of remembrance, family, and fun barbecues. I, on the other hand, spent the weekend de-cluttering and purging stuff, which I’ll share more about that with you tomorrow.

Like any girl I love a new outfit. However, sometimes in the quest for that new dress, skirt, or blouse we forget about those fabulous finds already in our closet. They’ve kind of lost their sparkle and “new car smell” even though they remain functional and stylish. Now I’m not talking about those pieces that you have kept for sentimental reasons, or with the hope that you’ll fit it again, or that are no longer (and quit possible never will be) in style. I’m talking about those gems that have served you well in the past yet haven’t had any playtime recently.

I got this jumpsuit about 20 years ago at a cute little boutique in Maryland, well before it was in style, but I’m glad I held on to it. It’s linen, can be dressed up and down, and easily transition from winter (with boots and a sweater) to summer. The palazzo styling is back on trend and of course black is my color of choice. As a side note, palazzo pants are a tricky fit for a petite frame because the wide legs can make you look a little stumpy. That doesn’t mean you can’t rock the look, just means you have to search for a pair where the legs aren’t too wide and the fit is appropriate for your frame.

If you want to revitalize your wardrobe and make everything old new again, here are five (5) tips on how to shop your closet.

1. Clean Out and De-Clutter Your Closet – It’s hard to find those gems if you can see where they are. Go through and get rid of what doesn’t work and then clean and repair what does work. Here’s more on how clean out your closet.

2. Bring Out the Accessories – If you have scarves, hats, or jewelry you’ve purchased but never really worn, now is the time to inventory what you have and bring them out to play. Accessories can actually breath new life into an outfit and give it an entirely new look and feel. Here’s more on what accessories can do for an outfit.

3. Mix and Match – A lot of times when we purchase an outfit or piece of clothing we have an idea of how we will wear it and that becomes the only way we wear it. Try something new. Take a skirt, pant, or dress and pair it with every top, jacket, and sweater you own to see what new looks emerge. And yes, you turn a dress into a skirt but wearing a top over it.

4. Get Creative with Color – I’m a big advocate for understanding and playing with color.  When you learn which are the right colors for you and fill your closet with those colors, then the combinations you can make are endless. Also consider color combinations you’ve never created before. An understanding of the color wheel will be really helpful here.

5. Look for Stylish Inspirations – I love that you’re following/subscribed to my blog and see it as a source of style inspiration but don’t stop there. It can be challenging to imagine yourself in a style when the person wearing it is a size 2 and you’re not. Or seeing yourself in a $6,000 Chanel or Gucci couture worn by a model or celebrity. However, it’s not about the size or cost, it’s about the style. Yes you may want to tweak a few things to fit your style personality or your petite, tall, or curvy girl frame, but that’s the easy part. I often read other’s blogs and fashion magazines for my outfit inspirations that I use to shop my closet.

Take a 30-day challenge and create outfits from the clothes in your closet using these tips. Share your outfits and how it felt to become your own wardrobe stylist!

Live, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉

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Look for Less – Black and White

look for less

Happy Friday!!

I’m confident that it was not her marriage to George Clooney that made Amal Clooney a fashion icon. Her taste, style, and sense of fashion are impeccable and clearly not something that happened overnight. Her style personality is clearly classic and elegant and reminds me of a cross between Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Audrey Hepburn. Flawless.

I have several clients whose lifestyle and work life are very casual, yet they want to take their look up a notch. This outfit is a great example of how to bring that energy to your wardrobe. In Fashion Feng Shui it’s called metal energy. The metal energy is about bringing refinement and elegance into your wardrobe and Amal Clooney is a perfect model for how to dress the metal energy.

Fashion magazines and Pinterest are great resources to help you determine your style personality. Don’t get hung up on the size of the model/celebrity or the cost of the outfit because, as you can see here, your inspired look can be duplicated in your size and budget.

If you’d like to learn more about Fashion Feng Shui and how to create a wardrobe that represents your authentic self and flatters as wells as fulfills you, contact me and let’s transform your life.

Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day weekend!

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What to Wear Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is right around the corner and I wanted to share a few style inspirations for you. What are plans this weekend? Whether it’s backyard barbecues, fun at the beach, or sailing under beautiful sunny skies you’ll want to look stylish and festive. Whatever your plans have a safe, fun, and relaxing weekend!!

memorial day

Sailing in the Sun

Jacket // Top // Pants // Shoes // Bag // Bracelets 1, 2 // Earrings // Sunnies

memorial day2

Fun at the Beach

Top // Shorts // Bag // Shoes // Necklace // Sunnies

asos dress

Backyard Barbecue


Dress (similar)  // Denim Vest // Shoes (similar)


FullSizeRender-7 copy

Bracelets 1, 2, 3 // Ring


Earrings // Necklace


While you’re celebrating this weekend, be sure to take a moment of silent reflection to honor those who so valiantly fought and died for our country throughout the years, as well as their families. Also pray for those who are currently serving and placing their lives in harms way. May God protect each of you.

This post is dedicated to my father, a career military man who served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. May you continue to rest in peace……I love you dad!


Live, laugh, shine!

Carol 😉

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